sos_logoSigns of Seeing is all about the interaction between people, places, and images. From creation, to curation, to everyday encounters with visual culture, we aim to treat urban ‘seeing’ as a collective, interactive process. It is about bridging the gap between practice and critical thought to bring together artists, filmmakers, academics and critics in a dialogue about what we see in contemporary visual culture, and what it means to see in the first place.

S|O|S Contributors:


Joe Lukawski is an American academic, filmmaker and freelance journalist. Originally from Indiana, Joe has spent the last six years between Paris, Fez and Cairo. He was a Fulbright scholar to Morocco in 2011-2012, and currently resides in Paris where he is working on an MA in Global Communications and on various film projects.


Hugo Massa is a journalist and documentary filmmaker from Paris, France. His current webdoc project Ritmos Negros del Peru documents the preservation and re-invention of Afro-Peruvian music, instruments and rhythms. He is currently based in New York, where is is completing a documentary program at the New School.


Lewis William Sanders IV is a Cuban-American Arabophile, visual anthropologist, and DJ currently living in Miami. His previous work in Cairo focused on territoriality and street art in revolutionary Cairo.


George Bajalia is a Palestian-American playwright, former Fulbright scholar to Morocco, and scholar of globalization and media. George currently lives and works in Chicago.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! I do run the blog. As it isn’t really my personal blog but more of a space I am trying to create and curate, I figured it was best to take “I” out of the picture. Thanks for checking out SOS!

    • Oh okay. I love the blog! I actually want to be a freelance journalist living in Paris too. I’m not sure how to start freelancing, but I suppose you just start by starting. Any advice?

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