Tangier in Motion 1: A petit taxi ride through a new quarter.

Tangier in Motion is a series of short films aimed at exploring and communicating the sensuous aspects of globalization in contemporary Tangier, Morocco and part of a larger academic and artistic work utilizing a mix of sensory ethnography and traditional ethnographic methods to close the gap between language and sensory experience of place and culture. This first clip takes us through an area of Tangier that has experienced a real-estate boom driven by local as well as foreign investments, down the corniche and back towards the Kasbah in central Tangier. While the aesthetic here has a Grand Theft Auto quality to it, the goal is to communicate a wider sensory field, a field of possible embodied gazes, including the urban landscape and synchronous sound from inside the social space of the ‘petit taxi.’

Video by: Joe Lukawski

One thought on “Tangier in Motion 1: A petit taxi ride through a new quarter.

  1. It is interesting to note that our experience of travel is entrenched and linked by semblance through ambient sounds of the mode of transport, especially since air conditioning has become a norm. The cabin sound inside a plane, the internal sound of the tire on asphalt, topped with radio,conversations and other layers.

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