retrospective: a month of S|O|S

I don’t usually do this, but it’s been a month now today and I thought a quick resumé and note on the future appropriate. So far we’ve explored films from the trash heaps of the world to the view from outer space; one of Paris’s newest and perhaps most problematic construction projects; and some of the trouble with visualizing the non-visual. We’ve heard from a few up and coming photographers who travel the world in search of the other, the visual encounter. And, I’ve put out the first video. So far Signs of Seeing has been an experiment well worth the effort, and what lies ahead is both exciting and challenging. Some new faces, some new pairs of eyes, and some new points of view.

Palestian-American playwright George Bajalia will be bringing us into the loop on his work visualizing the far off Moroccan/Algerian border for the stage. Using the iconic image of the colorful Amazigh carpet, the play he is writing with funding from the city of Chicago aims to tell the story of the border’s closing and how this has affected people in the region.


Cuban-American Arabophile, DJ, Singer-songwriter, and dear friend Lewis William Sanders IV will give us his thoughts on some cinematic developments from the Middle East.

And last but not least, Indian-American-French videographer Nikhil BC will take us on a journey through the visual mythology of the ayahuasca trip.

For those who follow the blog already, thank you, and for those who don’t, sign up to stay in the loop! We have some great stuff in the works and are looking forward to your contributions. If you are interested in contributing, email me here.

All for now. Keep your eyes open.

Joe Lukawski


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