“ma réalité” – an exclusive sneak peek

Imagine your walk to work, passing others on their way somewhere, in their own realities. Now imagine seeing yourself on that same walk. How would you react?

“MaRéalité” (My Reality), an upcoming street photo installation, aims to do just that: bring parisians face to face with themselves, and with others.  District by district, the project will capture people as they navigate everyday life in the city, and fix their image, creating life-size photo cut-outs to become part of the landscape. The idea, according to the creator is to use photography start a conversation about individual realities. Once up, passers by can access the photos online by scanning a flashcode and leave their comments. Will people be surprised to see themselves frozen in time? Angry? Overjoyed?

Part one of our sneak peak brings you to the streets of Paris’ 1st arrondissement.

Follow S|O|S to see part 2 of our sneek peek of “MaRéalité.”


2 thoughts on ““ma réalité” – an exclusive sneak peek

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