“seeing seeing: an exercise”

Bassin de la Vilette

Signs of Seeing is all about the interaction between people, places, and images, about what it means to ‘see’ in the contemporary world. From image creation, to curation, to everyday encounters with visual culture, this site aims to treat urban ‘seeing’ as a collective, interactive process.  I’ll be posting news, reviews and analysis on some aspects of visual life in the city and trying to curate posts from image creators and critics from around the world. Most importantly, I’ll be asking for your feedback on our growing collective visual culture.

Let’s start with an image of my own (above), taken on 35mm Fujicolor at Paris’s Bassin de la Villette this summer as part of an exercise in urban sociology for the University of Antwerp’s Visual Methods Seminar. The seminar brought image creators, sociologists, designers and anthropologists from all over the world together to think about how film, photography and other visuals can produce and communicate knowledge about urban life.

What does this photograph say about life in the neighbourhood where it was taken?


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